Life is a Fragile Thing

  My wife and I had to put one of our little dogs to sleep a couple of weeks ago and it was something that we both really struggled with. He was blind and deaf and his quality of life was very poor. Some days when we would let him out he would just turn in circles and not know where he was and that broke our hearts seeing him suffer like that. I know what caused my deepest struggle was not that he died but that I had to take his life.   Life is so precious and no one should ever take it flippantly. Often life is cut too short and our friends or loved ones are taken away due to illnesses, violence, accidents, and natural disasters, just to name a few. Life is so precious that we should never allow time to pass without enjoying the days we have with those we love.   Far to often we are so wrapped up in our tomorrows or our yesterdays that we are unable to truly enjoy today. We find ourselves longing for something else, never savoring the moment. Sadly, it takes a tragedy or major disaster for us to realize how fragile life really is. Just remember how precious you are in the eyes of God and spend some time with Him and those you love. Meeting around a table at a funeral service is not the best way to spend time with family and friends.   That’s Just One Man’s Opinion