January 2019

2019 begins a new era …truly all things will become new!
I have pictures of my family in my office of just a few years ago and
everything has changed! We have all become a little older, larger, and
grayer! If there is one thing that never changes, it is that everything
Sometimes those changes are minor, slow, almost un-noticeable, but
then there are others things that are drastic. When my whole family
gathered around a table for Christmas dinner one of our sons said, Dad,
you and Mom started all of this! It all started back in 1964…54 years
earlier and now there were 25 people all gathered to celebrate Christmas
I am sure your family is the same way…oh…there were changes many
good but others were sad but you need to be able to move forward and
not concentrate on the past but look forward to what God has in store in
the future!
May 2019 be the best year every for you and your family.
That’s One Man’s Opinion