Focusing on Life Rather than Death

That’s One Man’s Opinion

Focusing on Life rather than Death:

How is your day going? How is your life going? My wife and I were watching a program on TV the other day about how many young people are committing suicide It was so sad see all the potential in the lives so many wasted because they were focusing on all the wrong things in their lives. We can often get so busy with life’s activities that our focus is on the most difficult situations / the problems of life… rather than the things we should be enjoying.

It’s like the professor who hands his new students a white blank piece of paper…. with one black dot in the center. He then tells them to write something about the paper. All the students focused all of their attention on the black dot. They wrote about how the black dot stands out and where it’s fixed on the paper. The size of the dot and the depth of its color.

No one mentions the 98% of the paper that is white surrounding the black dot. How about you, what do you focus your attention on? Isn’t that how we often spend our days, getting so caught up with the black dot in our lives rather than focusing on the wholesome things that we should enjoy…the big picture?

I think that is what God focusses on…the big picture! Oh, I know that he is concerned about everything that happens to you and I…even the little things…but He sees the big picture so that He knows how to respond to us during the little problems we face daily!

Here is the question …… What are you focused on? I challenge you to focus more on the big things in life. What is important to you and how that affects those around you? What you will spend most of your time and energy on? Have you ever thought that that has become your god? Most of us spend so much effort on things that have no eternal significance. So, today I challenge you to spend some time focusing on the first part of Genesis 1:26: “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…’” What a powerful thought! You and I are made in the image and likeness of God! WOW!

That’s Just One Man’s Opinion